Save A Kitty - Athens

We’re Awesome

Hi! We are Save-A-Kitty: Athens! A 501(c)(3) cat rescue based in Tennessee. We specialize in both local and transport adoptions up to New England. I, myself, am Moose! Chief Security Officer around here. Take a look around: if you’re interested in adopting a new friend, assisting us with a donation, or just learning more, I’m sure I can answer any question you may have.

  • Happy Cats

    We’ve assisted in rescuing over 3,000 cats since 2014!

  • Happy Rescue

    A registered 501(c)(3), you can help us help cats! Please consider donating~

  • Happy People

    Our former fosters have found loving homes with people all over the country.

Looking to Adopt?

Check out our available cats at our Adopt-a-Pet page!

Happy Tails

  • Angie

    Angie is home! We’ve decided to keep calling her Angie because she just looks like an Angie! She’s exactly...
  • Prince William

    We can’t thank you for being Prince William into our lives. He is loving his new home and our...
  • Steel

    “We adopted a long haired Russian Blue named Steel. He’s the sweetest little boy ever. I attached two pictures...