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Angie is home! We’ve decided to keep calling her Angie because she just looks like an Angie! She’s exactly the kind of kitty we were looking for!

Prince William

We can’t thank you for being Prince William into our lives. He is loving his new home and our boys just adore him. He’s also made great friends with Bella.


“We adopted a long haired Russian Blue named Steel. He’s the sweetest little boy ever. I attached two pictures of him and his sister in case you were interested in seeing what he’s up to 🙂 His sister is Storm. She was found by a co-worker of mine shortly...


“Hi Sheila just wanted to tell you how awesome Rocky still is. He’s very well behaved and we couldn’t have gotten a better Cat. Thanks so much again. Barry”


“I attached some pictures of rascal. He has adjusted so well and is perfect ! Thanks so much. – Jen”